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Office Furniture information

- Jan 26, 2018-

Mention of the plate office furniture, more people can think of the fashion appearance of the form, modern office space, the plate is usually used to match the style of furniture, some of the pursuit of natural style customers, usually go to choose real wood Material, because the solid wood to close to nature. Then whether the plate can have a very natural performance? Of course, this is OK, as long as the following conditions are satisfied, natural beauty is not a difficult task.

Fresh style

The beauty of EO office furniture mainly in the appearance, the clear style tends to be closer to the nature of the taste, and a clear style can be from the tone up performance, can feel the freshness of the tone are light colors, the best in Plus brightness, such as fresh white, fresh green, fresh yellow, fresh blue these colors are able to bring natural beauty.

Design simple points

Nature does not mean that the green nature of landscapes, trees, also have the natural meaning of the same, in the office furniture body is not a deliberately complex process, simple is such a design element, the panel can be more office furniture design Simple, revealing a sense of simplicity of nature.

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