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Furniture brand began to fight wood custom battles

- Jan 30, 2018-

Design innovation has accelerated the integration of furniture industry and whole wood custom, and gradually forced the furniture industry to continuously improve production capacity, while furniture companies more channels for national expansion and lay a solid foundation. In this scenario, the furniture industry ushered in a booming, a new era of contention, design innovation as a breakthrough role.

Custom wood rocket ride

For modern people, furniture is not only a practical product, but also represents a life attitude. Custom furniture more and more wood by consumers. Today, most home building materials companies are beginning to talk about "big home strategy" "custom wood" and so on. Especially at this stage, the real estate boom, various apartment layout, decoration style bedroom are also emerging, but most of the furniture market in the design of the relatively popular, it is difficult to meet the individual requirements, custom wood is done to fully meet the needs of consumers .

In order to adapt to this living condition, many big furniture brands began "crazy" innovation, big fight whole wooden custom war. From Europe to send "big home" to Gu home custom swept, all are practicing the essence of custom wood. Whole wood custom designed to plug the imagination of the wings, so that small units full of "great wisdom, one-stop service, furniture business if the whole can be customized to do a good job, is a very good development trend.

Down-to-earth custom wood

However, whole wood customization is not indiscriminate, it has its short board exists, only to cross the short board, in order to create new opportunities for development. Whole wood customization includes all aspects, not only the design, construction, purchase of materials and products, services, but also includes the overall style, the overall comfort and so on, providing a complete living program. Therefore, down to the real inner needs of consumers starting to find the winning weapon, won the market victory.

For furniture brands that are turning to whole-wood customization, refined design and a full range of services as well as factory-based work ability are indispensable. Grasp every aspect of design and production, have decided whether its brand can take a place in the field of customization. Hanging design and manufacturing standards can only be customized to stop the original content, only steady, can help businesses knock on the door to the market.

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