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Rattan furniture maintenance recipe

- Jan 31, 2018-

Chinese furniture, rattan furniture is a forest of wood in the wind, the rattan furniture more and more like now, how to do it should be maintained?

Almost all furniture can be made of rattan, such as beds, sofas, coffee table, etc., and some can reflect the leisure atmosphere of the outdoor furniture, such as hanging chair, rocking chair. The compact and simple flower racks, patchwork wardrobe, shelves and structured, as well as magazine baskets, lamp holders, champagne rack, etc., people put it down

From the rattan chair armrest to the back, the fine weaving continuity with a beautiful curve, and the thickness of the rattan in the gradual arrangement emphasizes the leisurely rhythm and changes to make it more refined and smooth, reflecting the rattan designer Perfect creativity and craftsmanship.

Poetic given to rattan furniture is its color. Silver serenity, bronze romance, red-brown calm, black mystery, all addicted, and those who only painted a layer of transparent paint, maintaining the original style of rattan vine furniture, but also shows the beauty of simplicity implies .

● Dry weather, rattan easily become brittle, can cause serious fracture. Therefore, it is very important to replenish the vine often.

● Cleaning should not be washed with ordinary detergent, so as not to damage the rattan. It is best to use a slightly damp cloth and mild detergent scrub, cleaned to be placed in a cool place to dry, avoid exposure, so as not to cause paint discoloration, dry crack. For the preparation of rattan core products and the more subtle gap, available vacuum cleaners or soft brush clean up water.

Simply wipe the rattan with light salt water, not only to decontamination, but also make the rattan soft and flexible. Due to long-term damp caused by moldy, wipe the moldy parts with a soft brush, in the sun for 30 minutes; scratches the surface of rattan leather, car wax waxing parts will be waxing treatment

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