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Computer chair push back test

- Feb 22, 2018-

Push back test is pushed back by the test machine on the back of the chair to exert a certain force, the chair back tilting produce squeeze. Its main purpose is to detect the ability of the various parts of the chair to withstand crushing.

Push back test according to the size of the force can be divided into: Functional testing and destructive testing of two: functional test test force of 91kg, the duration of 1 minute, after the test if the chair parts deformation, damage or fracture phenomenon, The test does not pass. Destructive test force of 136kg, the duration of 1 minute, after the test chair parts if there is a serious deformation, damage or fracture phenomenon, the test fails.

Computer chair exploded, some of my friends are afraid of this sentence is the head of an instant burst on it. Especially those who face the computer every day workers, computer chairs can be described as a good helper for their hard work. When I think of sitting on a bomb that explodes at any time, I am afraid that I can no longer calm it. So what is the reason for the computer chair explosion, which computer tables will not explode Recommended.

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