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First measure the quality of office chairs, and then buy!

- Mar 08, 2018-

In daily life, buy office chairs try to choose to have adjustable features. In addition, but also consider the following aspects, such as: how the design of the office chair, the overall layout of the office chair, including the overall collocation with the desk and so on.

First, the tilt of the office chair strength; weight difference between different people, the required backrest tilt strength is actually not the same. The tilt of the ordinary chair is fixed, resulting in light weight people can not stand, heavy people suddenly rely on the bottom, not only does not have the sense of support but also easy to turn upside down. The high-quality office chair can be adjusted by manual fine tilt, so that each user to find the appropriate weight of their own efforts.

Second, the armchair office chair; Judge office chair is good or bad, is to look at the office chair armrest is connected to the back or seat cushion. If the armrest is attached to the back of the chair, the armrest will hold the same angle as the back of the person when reclined to obtain comfortable arm support. And almost the chair armrest is connected to the seat cushion, and when the back, the seat cushion angle and seat back is the waist is inconsistent, leading backwards, the arm can not be very comfortable placed. Armrest structure may not be so important in comfort, but it is the easiest and most effective way to test the office chair.

Third, the back of the office chair back care; Speaking of office chair comfort, the most important thing is the waist support, waist support this does not seem to be the difference between simple and not, because although many office chairs will put a Big lumbar support, but sitting up a little feeling no. In fact, the lumbar support may be the highest technical part of the entire chair, there must be a complex mechanical mechanism connected with the entire chair, of course, the most realistic test method is to rely on their own to sit, regardless of posture, backrest is complete The back wrapped up to support. Another point is that the chair can be lumbar adjustment before and after, easier to adjust to their comfortable position.

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