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Common Chairs

- Nov 03, 2017-

Coffee Chair

The coffee cup chair (Coffee Chair) is designed as a silhouette of a coffee cup, and the handle part of the cup can be used to hang clothes, bags and other things. There are three colors of black, white and brown, which are suitable for placing in cafes.


There is a general name of the back chair of the armrest, except the chair, the top, the rest is called armchair. Its design and decoration has a simple and complex, often and coffee table with a complete set, to four chairs two places in the hall between the two sides, for the symmetrical display.

Massage Chair

The massage chair principle is imitates the artificial massage, but it is uses the mechanical rolling force and the mechanical force squeeze to carry on the massage. Massage chair can be based on the body curve along the spine using swing, finger pressure, pinch, push rubbing and other massage methods for deep massage. When people sit in a massage chair to enjoy the relaxation of the whole body, it is as if someone is back, rubbing shoulders.

Swivel Chair

The upper part and the general style of the chair is not much difference, but the seat surface has a kind of appellation "stiles leg" the hinge part, so the human body seat can be left and right rotation. The age of the swivel chair is not too early, is the Chinese furniture early absorption foreign style of a chair.

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